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Makeover Photoshoot Ipswich Suffolk | Sue

Makeover Photoshoot Ipswich Suffolk

I had a fantastic shoot with Sue..I will let Sue explain the experience in her own words.

Sue’s words

Better than a spa day and it lasts forever!

I recently found myself in the rare (for me) position of having the opportunity to treat myself to something totally selfish and indulgent.   I’d had a bit of a tough year and wanted to do something that would make me feel great.   A spa day occurred to me, but I hesitated.  I’ve done that before, and while it was lovely, it was also very temporary.  I wanted something that would last beyond an idle day of watery luxury.

And then I remembered seeing some gorgeous boudoir photographs about a year ago.  At the time I’d wondered if I’d ever pluck up the courage or find the money to get some done for myself.   And here I was, with the money and the time, and still wondering about the courage.  It didn’t take me long to find Tracey’s website and the pictures were as lovely as I remembered, both the portraits and the boudoir shots.   I looked at some other sites but it was definitely Tracey’s pictures that I loved.  So I picked up the phone and made an appointment.   Tracey was lovely and I felt immediately in safe hands.

When I arrived for the shoot, I was vaguely kicking myself for not losing that half stone I’d planned to shed in the intervening weeks.  But I decided to leave that thought outside the door and embrace the fact that these photographs would capture me as I am now, at 44 years old, a mother and grandmother, with all the flaws and imperfections of a life lived to the full.   Today we would capture a moment in time that would be all mine.

Part of the fun of doing a photoshoot is deciding what to wear.  I’d discussed with Tracey a mixture of boudoir and portrait shots, so I brought a selection of dresses and lingerie  things I felt good in.   I’d booked a make-up artist with Tracey as well, so the first hour was spent relaxing and chatting while being made-up.   Once we got going with the shoot, it was easy.  The time just flew by, and Tracey was brilliant at knowing what to say to make me feel at ease, and which poses would look best for me.   She showed me some of the pictures as we went along, so I could see that we were actually getting some nice shots. By the time the session was over, I couldn’t wait to see the finished prints.

I thought choosing 20 pictures would be easy  – Tracey couldn’t possibly have got that many decent pictures of me.  But it was difficult, I kept going back to the online album and changing my mind.   Which ones did I love the most?  Which ones would my fiancé love the most?  My plan is to surprise him with some of the pictures as a birthday gift so this was all top secret.  Eventually I made my choices and a couple of weeks later a fabulous box of photographs arrived.   I haven’t yet displayed them, as I’m waiting to give my fiancé his present.  I know he’s going to love them.  And every now and again, I take a little look in the box.  I can’t believe it’s me in those pictures.  Yes I do look gorgeous.  Yes it is me.  And Yes, I am still 44 and a grandmother, and I dye my hair to hide the gray, and I have a bit of a tummy and what looks like the beginning of bingo-wings, heaven forbid. But I wouldn’t change a thing.  I don’t think there’s a spa in the world that could make me feel this good.

You can also view more of my work over at my new Boudoir & Makeover website.  www.simplyboudoir.com

I started Simply Glamorous as an alternative to the boudoir shoots I offer. They still celebrate the beauty of women, and are designed to make you feel confident and great about yourself.
So many women view themselves negatively and I want to remind you how gorgeous you are.

Why have a Simply Glamorous shoot? There are lots of reasons; to treat yourself, a pick-me-up after a tough time, or you simply want to spoil yourself, or a friend.

I work in conjunction with  fully qualified and a very experienced make-up artists. You will be pampered to make sure your hair and make-up are perfect and exactly as you would like.

We will style you in your own clothes, and give you guidance before your shoot.
We will work with you to ensure you look as glamorous as you are happy with.

The photo session will be with me, Tracey, and I will guide you with poses and make sure you have fun and enjoy the whole process.

Our aim is that you will leave the shoot feeling on cloud nine and full of confidence.

The session will result in some beautiful images that will blow you away, and be a constant reminder of how wonderful you are!

Makeover Photoshoot Ipswich Suffolk Beautiful Images to make you feel confident and great about yourself.  

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