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Boudoir Photography FAQs Essex

Common Boudoir questions


What is your photography style?

My work is timeless, elegant and modern, creating beautiful pieces of art. My style is relaxed and fun. I can guarantee you will laugh throughout the shoot!

Who will photograph my sessions?

I photograph all Boudoir sessions exclusively; no one else is present unless you want to bring someone.

Where does the shoot take place?

Shoots are located at my home (a very relaxed environment), at a hotel or even sometimes at the client’s home depending on location.

Are the women on your website models?

No, all the women on my website are clients and most have never had shoots before.

How long does a Boudoir session last?

A full session with hair and make-up will last about 3 hours.

Will my images be displayed on your website?

I have a strict privacy policy. If you wish for your images to remain private, only you will see them. Images will only be displayed with consent from the client.

What will I gain from having a Boudoir session?

Lots of women are nervous when they first speak to me about having a boudoir session, and lots of women afterwards are heard saying “That is one of the best things I have ever done, I feel amazing!!!”

Some have Boudoir sessions for the man in their lives, others have them just to please themselves. As women we are so hard on ourselves; the self confidence and self esteem that can be gained from a boudoir shoot is amazing. One of my favourite parts of a boudoir session is speaking to clients after they have viewed their images and they realise – actually yes, they are sexy! I love giving women that boost and giving them something to look back on with pride in years to come.

How long should I book before my shoot?

If you want to give the album or prints as a gift, I would recommend booking six weeks in advance as I normally have a 3-4 week waiting list on regular shoots. But please enquire if it’s short notice, as sometimes I have appointments available.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes, your images are retouched; spots and blemishes are removed unless stated otherwise. The only time I would change a woman’s body is to make it flow in proportion to the rest of her shape, as I like to maintain your integrity.

Do you offer hair styling and make-up?


have a wonderful MAC & Bobby Brown hair and make-up artists who are available at a very reasonable charge.

What if I am not happy with my figure?

This is a question asked by so many women and my answer is always the same: you are beautiful the way you are. Everyone has perfections and imperfections, and that is what makes us unique. I am a strong advocate of women being proud of the skin they’re in. Please have faith in me, I have lots of experience at posing you to look your absolute best.

I have spots and cellulite will they show in my images?

No, all spots and cellulite are removed unless requested otherwise; skin-smoothing and colour correction is added in post-production.

What do I bring to the session?

Bring what works for you. I normally suggest about four outfits if it is a full shoot.
Some ideas: bridal lingerie if it is a wedding gift, basques, corsets, babydolls, sexy matching lingerie sets, a good push-up bra, suspenders/hold ups, high heels, fashion jewellery, hats, scarves, etc. Maybe even your man’s lovely white shirt! You will also be sent a PDF with idea’s when you book!

How will I know how to pose?

I will work with you and show you the poses that will work for you and your body shape, however all input from you is actively encouraged. But be aware some poses will work for one person, but may not work for another, but I will guide you throughout the session.

Do you offer anything for people that do not want a boudoir shoot?

Yes, I also offer beauty shoots where you can have some beautiful portraits with Simply Glamorous.


 How do I book?

You can send me a message via my Simply Boudoir contact page 
You can also ring me on 01255 508071 where we can discuss packages and any questions or queries about the shoot in more detail.

You can also view my Simply Boudoir website at


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