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Children’s Photographer Essex | Florence

Children’s Photographer Essex


I had a wonderful shoot with beautiful Flo she was so relaxed..You would think she had just stepped out of the victorian era

These images were for a fine art series , so the idea was to capture Flo just being herself and not having to do forced smiles.

I think this enables you to see other parts of your childs personality.


My aim with Children’s Portraits is to create something a little different from the standard forced smile studio shots.

I’ve veered away from making children perform, as its much nicer for children to be natural and not feel uncomfortable, which you will see if you look at my outdoor children’s portraits.

Capturing your child being themselves, is where you as a parent will reflect when you look at the images, whether it be smiling, serious, or thoughtful ect.

With the fine art portraits, I will capture your child’s inner soul and natural expressions and  turn them into stunning pieces of wall art which will remain timeless.

When the photoshoot is over, I will work with your images using quality photoshop technology, enhancing colours, tones and textures and giving beautiful creamy skin tones.

We can also work together to find out how to best display your favorite images, so they will look amazing on your walls. There is so much pleasure in having them displayed on your walls for you and your family to enjoy.

The end result will be fantastic pieces of fine art, that will always be cherished and stand out from the crowd.

When you book with me, we will have a phone consultation to discuss the photoshoot regards the best things to wear ect.

My fine art shoots are £175 which also includes £75 credit towards products of your choice.

I also offer different packages.

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Children’s Photographer Essex


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